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There’s just not enough love in this week…

22 Sep

Ok, This began as 10 things I hated and 10 things I loved, but  following a genuine effort to seek out a balance, I simply couldn’t come up with as many Love’s as Hate’s. I am going to put it down to ‘just one of those weeks’ and hope that the future is lopsided in favor of the contrary!

PS. Hate is a harsh word, take it as Hate-lite.


Things I hated this week:

  1. Twitter Envy. Every time I have a peek at Twitter and even consider a little tweet, the wit and sheer volume of some tweeters renders me frozen. It’s very stressful
  2. The inability of anyone under 30 to spell and/or understand the most basic syntax?
  3. Having a sneaky peek at some porn on line and then finding it impossible to take it off the ‘history’ list on my browser
  4. I think I have finally used up all my endorphins. I blame those party years for taking all the joy out of today
  5. Guilt, Guilt, Guilt Guilt guilt… Not even raised catholic and feeling guilty for not being a better friend, lover, sister, daughter. For not eating more healthy, getting more exercise, doing more with my brain – basically, feeling guilty for not being another person
  6. That nagging feeling of just ‘getting away with it’. Someday soon, I will be caught!
  7. Feeling nervous about a great opportunity but fearing that I will fail at it. Actually privately hoping it won’t work out but knowing that it’s up to me.
  8. Hating on myself everytime I look in the mirror – why oh why did you stop training at the gym?
  9. Hearing my mother’s voice when I am forced to nag. I HATE nagging but I truly believe that men create the nag. If it’s not repeated, it simply won’t get done!
  10. Just barely having enough money.

Things I loved this week:

  1. Lunchtime massage. So relaxing, so escapist, so necessary!
  2. Knowing that on Friday morning I will be flying to the sunshine for lots of doing nothing
  3. Home made pizza and red wine. Yum!
  4. Laughing hard with my husband. Such a funny guy!
  5. Great great old girlfriends. A phonecall or two reminds me of the loyalty of these women and how they know me longer and better than anyone else, ever!
  6. Packing a suitcase with bikini’s and sunblock!



10 things I hated and loved this week

13 Sep

In the past week I have experienced hard work, hard play, love, intimidation (non violent), laughter, eating, drinking and smoking. It’s been interesting and exhausting so rather than dilute my experiences into a mist of emotion I have decided to break it down.

10 Things I hated this week:

  • 1. parting from my husband for a week, again!
  • 2. A cold hotel room where I couldn’t get warmth into my feet
  • 3. making conversation with someone very nice but really rather dull
  • 4. over eating and feeling guilty about it
  • 5. feeling frightened, like a teenager, because I have to communicate with very talented and successful people who I feel inadequate around
  • 6. Smoking cigarettes and consequently suffering a hoarse voice – not as sexy as you may think
  • 7. being physically and mentally exhausted without the sense of achievement that makes it worthwhile
  • 8. trying on the only dress I brought for the main event and it not looking nearly as good as it did last time I wore it – due to my expanding waistline
  • 9. waking up every hour even though I was exhausted, because I can’t shut my brain off
  • 10. wishing I had done more with my life so I didn’t have to be someone else’s assistant

10 things I loved this week

  • 1. very tasty food
  • 2. getting over the inhibitions and learning that the very people I was afraid of, were also nervous
  • 3. when my husband arrived and we got to share a bed together
  • 4. making people laugh
  • 5. walking along the marina in the morning fresh sun
  • 6. taking control of a situation that involved multi tasking, numerous demands from people and energy
  • 7. important people looking for me for answers
  • 8. dancing with my husband and not caring about the dress anymore
  • 9. bloody mary’s at the bar with my man, laughing our asses off and feeling relieved that the job is done
  • 10. arriving home!

Hello world!

13 Sep

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