The Herald, The Edge: Clontarf, and I – week 5

17 Feb

The Herald, The Edge: Clontarf, and I


Friday 17th Feb – 9 stone 13 lbs

Body fat from 18.22%


Week Five


Training day seventeen:

Friday 10th Feb. Andrew.

Following an extremely disappointing Body-Fat with David, I was prescribed a “sweat-fest” with Andrew. How lovely! When the scales show an increase and the body fat level has risen, it’s difficult to feel upbeat about a training session. It is clearly a hormonal situation but it’s disheartening.

Also, I have been here before and there tends to be a period where the body plateau’s. It’s generally short lived and a sudden drop will follow. Right now I will just motor on!


Training day eighteen:

Sunday 12th Feb. Alex. Boxing.

I don’t like Alex anymore! He is like some sort of evil genius, the villain in my quest for the greater good! Even though the entire point of regular exercise is to gain a better level of fitness, Dr Evil decides to describe in detail how he will punish me for my growing strength and energy.

One of his tools of torture includes a “Death-jacket” Ok, I christened it that, but it’s apt. It is much like a life jacket except in place of built in buoyancy aids, there are built in weights. Yes, if you fell off a boat in this jacket, you are going down! Like I said, Lex Luthor and his kryptonite jacket!

I am aware that I am referring to myself as Superman but sometimes Supergirl is just not enough!


Training day nineteen:

Monday 13th Feb. Michelle.

This was one of those sessions that blind-side you. Just when you think it can’t get any harder, they throw in some 1 + ¼ squats with weights, some chin-ups, and some sitting squats. Imagine sitting on an invisible chair with your back against the wall, hold that for 1 minute, but around 10 seconds into it, have a trainer push you down about one inch. This is where the term “feel the burn” must have originated. Thighs on fire! All this AFTER pressing, bending, swinging, and crunching.

It is times like this I question balance of the universe.

How can a moment’s pleasure, i.e. scoffing a Big Mac, warrant this much pain?

Note to self, it’s not worth it!


Training day twenty:

Wednesday 15th Feb. Andrew.

Yesterday may have been Valentine’s Day, but there was no love in The Edge today. I started well, with a quick photo shoot for the Herald. I wore a little make up and got myself into various challenging positions all the while struggling to remain serene and in control. Then we trained.

I simply cannot understand why women wear make-up to the gym. Within minutes my eyes were stinging with the mascara that was now streaming down my face. My pores were strangled with foundation clogging up the only outlet for the gallons of sweat building up behind them. And, in truth, the make-up takes on a frightful drowning clown appearance.

There is zero point in trying to look good while in the gym. Training is about looking good everywhere else.


Side note:

Body fat was a good experience this Friday. The scales show my weight has returned to its pre-Hormonegate level and my body fat has reduced. The reductions are marginal compared to 2 weeks ago, but it’s quite a drop compared to the fiasco last week.

So, lesson learnt – don’t panic when you have an off week, especially when hormonal, even if the very reason you’re freaking out is because you’re hormonal, don’t let hormones make you hormonal…



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