The Herald, The Edge: Clontarf, and I – week 6!

24 Feb

The Herald, The Edge: Clontarf, and I



Friday 24th Feb – 9 stone 12 lbs

Body fat 16%


Week Six

Training day twenty-one:

Friday 17th Feb. Andrew.

Body fat was good but if I was to focus on the number on the scales, I wouldn’t be as excited. Not only have I learned that this is simply one measure of your health, but I also see in the mirror and in my clothes that I have lost quite a bit of weight. My belt is another notch up, my skinny jeans are not bursting at the seams and I look pretty good in my gym gear. The wobbly bits are firm and my over silhouette is leaner.

Training today I noticed something new while lifting weights star fish style. I spotted my shoulders in the mirror, or should I say my ‘Delts’. There was distinct definition and I liked it!


Training day twenty-two:

Sunday 19th Feb. Alex. Boxing.

I have a new found respect and admiration for all the parents out there. Saturday night was a ‘sleepover’ with a 3 year old and a 7 year old. Needless to say, there was little sleep enjoyed! I also admire mothers who manage to stay in shape. I am aware that a sleepover is a special occasion and home baked chocolate brownies and cookies are not necessarily the norm, but it is difficult not to nibble the leftovers and lick the spoon.

So, regardless of my exhaustion, boxing with Alex was as hard as ever and as always, included the introduction of another novel form of punishment. This time it was a rope ladder on the floor for me to skip, sprint and dance along while boxing and sweating and all for the amusement of the assassin himself.

Again, I surprise myself and manage to complete all reps in my sleep-deprived state. Fitness constantly shocks me and I am trying very hard to focus on the post-training elation, which generally feels utterly unobtainable when on the way TO the gym.


Training day twenty-three:

Monday 20th Feb. Andrew

I have recently been promoted and my new job involves a much higher level of responsibility and alas, more stress. Usually when people think of stress relief they think of lounging by the pool or soaking in a bath, but honestly, the best method of relieving tension is weight training. The physical exertion exorcises angst and the mental focus eases the chaos in the mind.

Today I did squats with a bar, not just a bar mind, a heavily weighted bar. These are hard! Andrew also decided to throw in a few extra maneuvers, just to punish me. On the one hand I am flattered that trainers can see I am fit enough to handle extra sets, but on the other hand, I hate them for it!


Training day twenty-four :

Wednesday 22nd Feb. Michelle

Today I learnt a new language – and I told a lie!

Last night I had a glass of wine. I told my trainer that I didn’t drink anything. I lied!

It was a special occasion with a particular group of friends that we rarely manage to get together with. I was good with my eating, avoiding rice and requesting greens instead. I ordered the non-creamy sauces and dodged the naan bread and dessert. Feeling complacent and with a hint of entitlement, I poured a small to medium glass of white wine accompanied by several (about 5) glasses of water.

I am sorry The Edge, I apologize for the lie and I feel terrible about it but really, the joke is on me!

The language I learnt today was Body Language. No matter what your voice says, no matter what your head says, no matter how much you convince yourself, the body will always tell the truth. Today I was less strong, I was tired and sweated like a monsoon rain. At one point Michelle actually asked me ‘was I sure I didn’t have a drink last night’. The body reveals what the head tries to hide.

Now I wish I never had that pointless glass of wine – It is just not worth it!


Training day twenty-five:

Friday 24th Feb. David – Final Body Fat analysis after 6 weeks of training.

Jan 13th – 10st 7lb,

Today  – 9st 12lbs.

I was 22% body fat and I am now 16%

Since I first visited The Edge and met David, he has changed my life. I was never very good at exercising and especially loathed the gym. He has taught me to look at my body in a completely different light and has educated me on the inner workings of the machine that I exist within.

I want to be part of this fitter, leaner, stronger lifestyle; I want to feel light and happy. I do not miss hangovers, frumpiness, self-loathing and guilt.

They are all superb trainers and the philosophy in The Edge is utterly upbeat, healthy and challenging. To constantly push further, aim higher and try harder is not only good for the soul, but good for the ass too!

I will miss the camaraderie in the Edge and will make a point of keeping up a level of training. Even once or twice a week with the guys will keep me on the straight and narrow.

I am eternally grateful to The Edge and will continue working on the maintenance of this newly well oiled machine.


I ♥ The Edge


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